JustBin® The Mobile App
Welcome to JustBin® a collaborative FREE mobile app designed with the help of Litter Pickers that enables users to find the nearest bin. Now Users and Groups can Track their routes, Map their Litter Picking in real-time, so whether you prefer to Street Clean, Woodland Clean, River Clean or Beach Clean, this app has been designed for you.

Litter Pickers Worldwide
Litter Picking Groups, this part of the app was designed in collaboration with active groups and experienced individual Litter Pickers, enabling users to find the nearest bin. Groups can add themselves to JustBin® and Add Litter Picking Events in the events section. All users will be able to report damaged, full and missing bins in real time directly to their local waste collection provider or Council.

The chances are, you’ve been making a significant contribution to your local community and environment for many years. Justbin® makes it easier for you to measure your contribution, aggregate your findings and collaborate with other like-minded users who share the passion.

Not just Litter Pickers
Litter Picking, Beach Cleans, Woodland Cleans, Street Cleans, River Cleans are all available in JustBin when you complete your walk or event. Chose from the options and select the type of Litter Picking event that best suits your activity. Be sure to select or add a group or event photo.

What type of bins are in JustBin®?
JustBin® will display 6 types of bins worldwide, including Litter, Recycling, Dog, Household waste recycling centres, Dual purpose and Smart bins which contain Litter Picking toolkits in the UK and some have Heart Defibrillators. Most Smart bins have level monitors to detect if the bin is full, providing efficient and time-saving scheduling and prioritisation.

What type of Statistics do we get in JustBin®?
JustBin® will continue to provide Users and Groups with Statistics including the number of individual walks they have completed and duration. Events and Groups will show the number of events they have attended. The number of participants to events, the number of bags collected and the three most common items collected. We are providing Trends to demonstrate the most common items. In addition, JustBin® has a Global Statistics screen which provides the combined contribution from all individual, group and event collections. These are aggregated into the Global Statistics screen and are shown as Open Data.

What we hope to achieve with JustBin®
JustBin® is your chance to make a real contribution to your local community. Litter Picking Groups are growing throughout the world daily. It’s time to change, the more you engage by Adding bins, Mapping walks and recording your findings the more positive the impact could be on waste management and our environment.

What’s different about JustBin®
JustBin® was designed with the collaboration of users, Litter Pickers want to know where they have been, what they have collected, how many miles have they covered and over what duration of time. How many people have participated in Litter Collecting Events both Individual and as a Group? It’s the metrics of contribution and involvement and making a difference that will ultimately impact on our leaders.

The Global Statistics already highlight plastic bottles, plastic bits, plastic caps and much more. This needs to change and this Trend is something all  Litter Picking friends agree with.

Single-use Plastics, Packaging
Single-use Plastics, Packaging and the thoughtless presentation of some products are destroying this earth, the oceans and beautiful sea life are suffering from human inventions that persist because of supply and demand. Polystyrene, Foam, Nylon to name a few all contribute to the Sea Life suffering worldwide. A different way of thinking is urgently needed if we are to protect this planet for future generations. I would like to make a small contribution to the evolution of what’s considered normal and change the way the majority of us humans think.

If you agree with my sentiment and would like to engage with JustBin®, please download the app and contribute by providing your walks, local bins and Litter Picking Findings.

Waste Management Solution
We can provide a complete waste management solution that optimises efficiencies, offering real-time scheduling, prioritisation of routes and automated reporting. If you are a waste management provider or council contact us to discuss a managed solution.

Enjoy using JustBin®.

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