Add Litter Picking Group or Individual Name to JustBin

Add Litter Picking Group or Individual Name to JustBin

JustBin Disclaimer

Submitting your information provides a facility to promote your Litter Picking activities within the JustBin mobile application. Hereafter known as (the app). Your Group information will be displayed anywhere the app is used. The Group admin person can add Events, check in attendees to walks and start Group events. No Telephone numbers, address lines or email addresses will be shown or displayed in any part of the app.
Example: JustBin Litter Picking Group
Example: Jane Doe or Joe Bloggs. Every Group needs an Admin person to start walks, add events and delete old events.

Section 1

Contact Phone will not be published in the app.

Section 2

Example: Suffolk Coastal District Council - Some District or Borough name that empties your bins.
In the Events Section in JustBin under Groups, all events are publicly shown to anyone who has access the the app.
Example: A Litter Picking group established in 2015. We have 100 members and organise events throughout the year in our community.
Group/Individual or Admin Address
Group/Individual or Admin Address
Address Line 1 - Will not be published in JustBin App
Address Line 2 - Will not be published in JustBin App
Zip/Postal Code
Note: Only City Village or Town with State Province or County will be published in the JustBin App so other Groups/Users know the location of all the JustBin Groups.
Upload a Photo to represent your Group or Individual Name as a Litter Picker. *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
This will show in the JustBin app under Groups. The image must be jpg or png format and must not exceed 516 MB in size.
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