So why design the JustBin app?

JustBin was created by Chris Rudland in 2016, Chris is a Landscape and Nature photographer who enjoys the great outdoors walking and trailing in the Peak District and Yorkshire Moors. He is precious about his natural surroundings and will always seek out natural countryside and views, unaltered by mankind, he will try to avoid pylons and buildings in all his landscapes and will also look for an original view. He dislikes litter, plastic destruction of our beautiful earth and shares his passion with many of his Litter Picking friends to educate where possible and reduce single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging.

He has dedicated his spare time to developing the JustBin app as a free facility to all those that share his wish to rid this earth of the destructive materials that affect humans and nature alike.

I hope my small contribution in some way will help all those who go out in all weathers Litter Picking and I admire their enthusiasm and persistence to make a difference. Chris Rudland (2019)

The JustBin mobile app provides walk tracking and mapping of Litter Picks whether Street, beach or woodland. Users can add their local Group, engage with community hubs and see statistics, attend events. The main map in the app shows 55,000 bins at the time of writing this. Users can get directions to the nearest bin and much more. The app includes Dog, Recycle, Litter, Dual, Smart Bins and Household Waste Recycling Centers.

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