Bin Types

Litter and Waste Bins - JustBin

Litter Bin or waste Bin. This is rubbish that is not recyclable.

Dog Bins - JustBin

Dog Bin is dog Faeces that is bagged.

HWRC Waste Bins - JustBin

HWRC or Household Waste Recycling Center.

Recycle Bins - JustBin

Recycle Bin, applies to anything that is recyclable.

Dual Bins - JustBin

Dual Bin applies to Dog and Litter waste combined or Litter waste and Recycle.

Smart Solar powered Bins - JustBin

Smart Bin with sensor, either wireless or solar powered. Park Toolkit Bins.

The design and colour of the bin types displayed in the JustBin app map ‘Key’ reflect bin types commonly used in Mainland UK.

Other countries may vary. ‘Dual Bins’ are now commonly used for Litter/waste that is no recyclable and bagged Dog Faeces. ‘HWRC’ means Household Waste Recycling Center or any Landfill Site. ‘Smart’ refers to Bins that have Litter Picking Toolkits inside a locked casement and may include a Defibrillator. Some are wireless (WI-FI) and others have Solar powered transmitters.

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